Free Bird of Prey software

Bird of Prey software



BIRD 1.0.11

BIRD is a a fully functional dynamic IP routing daemon The BIRD project aims to develop a fully functional dynamic IP routing daemon primarily targetted on but not limited to UNIX-like systems br br Features br - Support for both and use --enable-ipv when configuring ... [...]
AUTO BIRD :: random behavior

AUTO BIRD :: random behavior 1.0

AUTO BIRD random behavior shows a drag-n-drop movie clip with a self-contained bird performing random actions This drag-n-drop movie clip is a self-contained bird that sits on a wire fence branch etc and does its own thing It fluffs its wings occasionally and then at ... [...]

DogFight 3.0

DogFight is a screensaver with D rendered graphics The Enterprise takes on a Bird of Prey in a desktop dogfight See Starfleets Enterprise maneuvre against upto three Klingon Birds of Prey You can set your desktop to shine through the background v has new rerendered ... [...]
Bird Flu and Friends Screensaver

Bird Flu and Friends Screensaver 1.0

Bird Flu Friends' Screensaver takes you into the world of bird flu as it and it's other microbial friends travel through your bloodstream If you've ever looked into a microscope you'll appreciate the effect Just for fun ... [...]
Aves Bird Watcher Log

Aves Bird Watcher Log 2.8

Aves Bird Watcher Log is a complete computerised solution for the large community of bird watchers around the globe It is suitable for beginners and gurus Includes world bird list image collection trip log daily diary club members list and more Very simple and efficient ... [...]
Bird Watcher Professional

Bird Watcher Professional 2.0

This is a nice and easy to use computer program for Bird Watchers worldwide This is the most user friendly program of it's type You only have to enter info in the data fields that you want you can leave any fields blank Here are ... [...]
Bird Cages / Aviary Designer

Bird Cages / Aviary Designer 2005

http www aviariums com offers solid wood hand crafted bird cage without the mess and upkeep We have gouldian society finches and canaries Our live furniture is ideal for assisted living funeral and hospitality industries We have bird cages Some would call these bird cages ... [...]
Bird Drawings 2 Screensaver

Bird Drawings 2 Screensaver 1.0

Artwork drawings of birds in their natural habitat Wonderful colour sketches of birds doing what they do best Acting bird-like Sitting Eating Flying These birds really know what they are doing And the artists have captured them in exquisite detail Download it now and have ... [...]

Prey 1.6.8

Prey lets you keep track of your laptop phone and tablet whenever stolen or missing -- easily and all in one place It's lightweight open source software that gives you full and remote control ... [...]
Audubon Close Up - Birds of Prey

Audubon Close Up - Birds of Prey 1.0

exciting pictures focus on the detail of of Audubon's most dramatic plates from Birds of America These plates show the drama of the hunt and feeding frenzy of the magnificent Hawks and Eagles as well as the more sedate pursuit of the voracious White Heron ... [...]
Bird Watcher Journal

Bird Watcher Journal 1

Bird Watcher Journal Product Highlights br br Bird Watcher Journal is your day-by-day diary and record keeper for your Bird Watching activities br br Make it as simple as you want with text only or fancy up your journal with Video Graphics and sound It ... [...]


equationGUI - A simple GUI for ODE van der pol-prey predator - logistic model and PDE vibrating string EULER m HEUN m RK m implement euler heu and runge kutta method to solve ordinary differential equation VANDERPOLODE m LOGISTICOODE m PREDAPREDATOREODE m describe the ODE ... [...]
Survival script

Survival script

Survival - Simple simulation of a prey predator system Simulates a prey predator ecosystem Try to adjust the parameters of the system so both species can live together Based on the demo Game of Life Requirements MATLAB Release R Statistics Toolbox ... [...]
Mountain Eagles 3D

Mountain Eagles 3D 1

This animated wallpaper features large D eagles which fly land perch and swoop down as if to attack prey This is a long animated scene which also shows swaying trees and grass and there is a small pond with animated fish that swim about aimlessly ... [...]
SnoopFree Privacy Shield

SnoopFree Privacy Shield 1.0.2

Don't fall prey to keyloggers and snooping software that records your activities This Windows XP product provides firewall-like protection for your keyboard screen and open windows You'll know right away and in real-time if anyone tries to spy on you This product protects you at ... [...]
Antique Japanese Bird Prints

Antique Japanese Bird Prints 1.0

Japanese wood block printing reached its zenith in the 's with the finest artists of the period producing elegant works of art that are unrivaled today in technique and tenor The delicacy and refinement of the prints can be appreaciated all the more by the ... [...]
Bird Dog EIS

Bird Dog EIS

Bird Dog EIS is an email tracking system that informs you as your email recipients open your email every time they open it access the links inside your email and or forward your email to additional recipients The technology works with both group and individual ... [...]
Hunting Unlimited 3

Hunting Unlimited 3 1.2

Prepare yourself for the most realistic hunting experience ever Travel throughout the United States Canada and exotic Zambia to lock your sights on the prey of a lifetime Unique action-packed missions will get your quarry running and your heart pumping Track the quarry of your ... [...]
Golden Bird

Golden Bird 1.1

A card game which requires much more brain power than luck to play Your opponent is the computer and you have to empty your hand before it can do so Decide when to change the flow of signs and put the opponent in trouble The ... [...]
Scythebill Portable

Scythebill Portable 13.6.0

Scythebill Portable provides you with an intuitive application that you can use to keep track of bird records and sightings br br Scythebill Portable can store sightings and organize them by location or by bird species Also it can generate complete reports and save them ... [...]
Bird of Paradise

Bird of Paradise 1

Slide show screen saver features photos of colorful parrots Registered version includes additional photos Matching desktop theme and accessories available at Themestress Desktop Enhancements ... [...]

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